3D Measurement - CNC Measuring System

3D measurement is a new development in the AQUAdem offer. The measurement is provided with the coordinate digital CNC machine. This highly accurate device, equipped with a rotating head using the touch sensor, makes a highly accurate dimensional characterization of the measured component or part. Measurements may be related either to the input values of the standard drawing or 3D model, stored as an electronic file (CAD systems).

AQUAdem manufactures CNC metal sheets and machined parts, including 3D protocols; AQUAdem provides 3D commercial measurements basic parameters:

      DEA Global Classic Silver 9.20.8 Three-Coordinate Measuring Machine
□       Travel X (mm) 900
□       Travel Y (mm) 2000
      Travel Z (mm) 800

Machine Accuracy:

□       MPEE = 2,2 + L/300m
      MPEP = 2,2 m
      MPETHP = 3,9 m/68 sec.

3D software:

      PC-DMIS TM V2011 CAD++
      SolidWorks Standard 3D CAD software


      NC TesaStar indexable head (A: -90 -115 , B: -180 - +180 , step 5 , 3 024 positions)
      Leitz LSP-X1s scanning probe (0-115 mm)
      Star touch
      Set of touches

Download technical information in PDF format.